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Chinese Tongue Diagnosis Poster 18" X 24"
(Laminated or Heavy Weight Paper)

Chinese tongue examination is much, much easier to master than Chinese pulse examination. The basics of this art can be learned in a single day or less. Therefore, many students of Chinese medicine place more emphasis on the tongue than the pulse during the early years of their practice, effectively using the tongue to teach themselves the pulse over time. Because the tongue is inspected visually, interrater reliability is quite good. It is relatively easy to agree whether there are teeth-marks on the edges of the tongue or cracks down its middle. Likewise, it is relatively easy to agree on color, thickness and color of tongue fur, and the moistness of the tongue.

Chinese Tongue Diagnosis Poster

In China, when the practitioner wants to see the patient's tongue, they say, "Kan kan she tai," "Let me see your tongue and fur." Typically, the patient is sitting upright in a room well lit with natural light. The patient should then stick out his or her tongue moderately far. Like so much else in Chinese medicine, the patient should neither stick their tongue out too far, which distorts both its shape and color, or too little, which makes the tongue impossible to assess. The practitioner should look at the tongue in short, repeated bouts so that the tongue does not change color or shape due to the strain of holding it in an unusual place. Instead the practitioner asks the patient to stick out their tongue, writes down an impression, and then tells the patient to relax and close their mouth again.

Key Features
• Images showing normal & abnormal tongue conditions
• Descriptions and indications for color, coating and shape
• Effective diagnostic tool that requires little training

Sample Description:
Geographic Coating - This coating suggest a stomach Yin deficiency.
Stomach Yin is the fluids in your stomach and intestines. Should they become deficient, symptoms such as heartburn, constipation or chronic gnawing hunger can arise.

Chinese Tongue Diagnosis Poster 18" X 24"
(Laminated or Heavy Weight Paper)

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Chinese Tongue Diagnosis Poster 18" X 24"

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Chinese Tongue Diagnosis Poster 18" X 24"

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